Friday, May 25, 2018

Final Update: Postgrad 2018

We have successfully submitted all necessary papers for the processing of PRC CPD units for this year's Postgraduate Course. We paid a processing fee of P1680. Yes, its more expensive this time. We hope that we will be given higher CPD units for both PRC and PAFP. This means that the date - August 10, 2018- is final.

Our next move? To do clinic visits and invite members once we have the number of CPD units at hand. Pretty hectic, huh?!! We hope that there's enough time to do everything as planned.

Booth participation is still open until the day before Postgrad. Keep inviting!

Chapter Modules 2018

Module 1: Skin-in Depth: The Itch that Rash
                 Date: July 19, 2018
                 Sponsor: J&J
                 Venue: to follow
                 Time: 5 p.m. (board meeting precedes module)

Module 2: Title: Gut Microbiota and Infectious Diarrhea
                  Date: October 18, 2018
                  Sponsor: Kauffman
                  Venue: Bread House
                  Time: 6 p.m.

This page will be updated in due time. Posting is done early for everybody to make the necessary arrangement in schedule. Please keep posted.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Announcement: Postgrad Update

We already have a nurse-lecturer to talk on the topic WHO Guidelines: Sugar Intake for Adults and Children. This means that we now can invite nurses to attend our Postgraduate Course. Please spread the news!

Board Meeting for May 2018

After the Zumba activity, we had our monthly board meeting at Casa del Camba, Alaminos City. It was preceded by a breakfast sponsored by Astra and a lecture on Diabetes by Dr. Rodolfo T. Rafael.

We talked about the activities we plan to do for the year 2018-2019 starting on a lecture on Healthy Lifestyle for Influenza Awareness Month, our first module on July 19, our activity for the Hepatitis B Campaign Month, our Postgraduate Course on August 10, our Tree Planting activity for the Medicine Week on September, and our free PPBS for the Elderly Week on October.

Zumba...again! for WFDD

The PAFP Pangasinan Chapter started early on May 19, 2018 for an electrifying, heart-pounding, muscle-soring Zumba activity to celebrate World Family Doctors Day. It was held at Lucap Wharf, Alaminos City. We had to get up early to be at our destination before the heat of the sun cause us to drench with perspiration. We were lucky it was partially gloomy which was perfect for a Zumba day.

We had three instructors taking turns for an hour showing us the groovy moves hard enough for most of us to follow. It was so much fun and totally enjoyable. An hour to be carefree and enjoy the company of friends.