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Report of Outgoing President

Report of Outgoing President

As soon as I was elected to office on December 2005 during the 8th Postgraduate Course, I already assumed work together with the rest of the officers. We started working even months before the scheduled induction program. I'm proud to say that this group which I headed, is a very industrious group. I'm so lucky for having them. I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart.

As a president of two terms in this chapter, I was able to accomplish the following:

  1. Together with Dr. Marissa Fernandez and Dr. Virginia Petrola, I was able to visit both active and inactive members of the chapter, from the eastern, central, and western parts of Pangasinan. Updating of members' list was accomplished through this and annual dues were collected. Inactive members and those living in inaccessible areas were also informed about the latest happenings in the chapter.

  1. A deworming program was conducted at Aguilar, Pangasinan. This was on March 25, 2006.

  1. We took part in the Alay Lakad as part of the World Tuberculosis Day Celebration, together with officers and members of the PMS. This was on March 24, 2006.

  1. We visited the Mangroove Project in Alaminos, Pangasinan. This was already claimed by the local government and is being continued by them.

  1. The chapter participated with the project of PMS and PMWA in adopting a baranggay. This is Baranggay Awaii in San Jacinto, Pangasinan.

  1. Together with PMS and PMWA, we attended a retreat exclusively for doctors. This was entitled: Spirituality in the Vocation of Medical Profession, held on April 6,2006, in Bonuan Gueset.

  1. The 24th Anniversary Celebration and Induction Ceremony was held on May 7, 2006 in Ethan's Place, Leisure Coast Resort, Dagupan City, with the theme: Family Physicians On the Road to Information Technology. We were inducted by the national president himself, Dr. Alejandro Pineda,Jr. With him were Dr. Wilfrido Simbul, the regional director for Luzon, and Dr. Policarpio Jovez, Jr., the national executive secretary. This activity was sponsored by Natrapharm.

On that day, I was also appointed by Dr. Pineda as member of Medical Informatics committee, National Chapter.

Together with Dr. Glenn Mallari, we became members of the Wonca Informatics Working Group.

  1. As part of our fund-raising activity, we came up with a Bingo Social on June 24, 2006, held in DWAD Gymnasium. Lots of prizes were given away. Our major prize was a 21” Sony Wega colored TV. We also gave away a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a coffee maker and lots of consolation prizes. We were able to raise Php 30,477.

  1. I attended the Pangasinan Association of Medical Representative (PARE) Acquaintance Party and Induction ceremony on June 7, 2006, in Tondaligan beach, and was their inducting officer that night.

  1. We conducted free ECG and Cholesterol Screening to all District I teachers on May 31, 2006, in West Central Elementary School, Dagupan City. This was preceded by a lecture by Dr. Joseph Dimaano entitled: Lay fora in Hypertension and Hypercholesterolemia. This activity was sponsored by Astra Zeneca.

  1. As part of my objective to disseminate the importance of IT in medical practice, I gave a lecture on this entitled: Importance of Medical Informatics in Clinical Practice. This was held in Max Restaurant, Urdaneta, Pangasinan, on July 2006, sponsored by Han Seo Pharma. Unfortunately this was not followed up by another lecture because of lack of drug companies willing to sponsor the activity.

  1. On August 18, 2006, our chapter hosted the Regional Operational Planning Workshop for Chapters and Departments. Here, problems, failures, or frustrations encountered by the various chapters were identified and we came up with solutions and plans for the next three years. This was a one-day affair, held in Blue Jam Restaurant. It was attended by the Northern Luzon Chapters together with the national officers.

  1. The 9th Postgraduate Course was held on October 20 – 21, 2006, in Leisure Coast Resort, Dagupan City, with the theme: Modern and Alternative Medicine: A Perspective Look at the Future of Family Physicians and Allied Professionals. This was the first time to have alternative medicine lectures included in the history of our postgraduate course. Also was the first time to invite allied professionals. We are proud to say that this postgrad was well-attended and we were able to raise Php 93,113.

  1. We had our Christmas Party after 5 years of not celebrating it. This was on December 9, 2006, in City de Luxe Restaurant, with Pascual Laboratory and Schering Plough as sponsors. Unfortunately we had election failure, the reason why I had to continue for another year.

  1. We sang the PAFP Hymn during the opening ceremony of the 46th PAFP Anniversary and Annual Convention on March 1, 2007. The preparation was hectic because we were only given a few days to prepare before the actual event. This was participated on by Dr. Acela Tuazon, Dr. Jessica Casupang, Dr. Audrey Viduya, Dr. Virginia Petrola, Dr. Marissa Fernandez, Dr. Jennifer Uy, Dr. Benjamin Bautista, Dr. Leo Guerrero, Dr. Wilfredo Estrada, Dr. Dick Ong, Dr. Alejandro Francisco, Dr. Harry Bautista and yours trully.

We also joined the Poster Making contest.

  1. We met with Senatorial candidates Panfilo Lacson and Allan Peter Cayetano during their pre-election campaign. We discussed the high prices of medicines and its possible solutions, and the exodus of doctors in the Philippines. This was held in Matutina's Restaurant on March 2007.

  1. Our group presented a dance aerobics on the 17th Mid-year convention held in Clarkfield, Angeles City, on September 6, 2007. This was participated upon by Dr. and Mrs. Simon Brown, Dr. Carlos Prudencio, Dr. Athena Merrera, Dr. Genaro Merino, Dr. Marissa Fernandez, Dr. Virginia Petrola, Dr. Mariella Ferrer, Dr. Cleofe Orense, Dr. Benjamin Bautista, and yours trully.

  1. The 10th Postgraduate Course was held on December 7 – 8, 2007 in City de Luxe Restaurant, with the theme: The Ultimate Challenge to a Family Physician: From Illness to Wellness. We were able to raise funds amounting to Php 163,892. Election was successful during this time.

  1. Our group came up with a project: a brand new Toshiba Data Projector which we were able to endorse properly to the incoming set of officers.

  1. Medical Missions attended:

A) Oplan Libreng Gamutan sa Astrodome. This is in cooperation with PMS under the leadership of Dr. Nene Villaflor.

B) in Asingan, Pangsinan during their town fiesta, on April 18,2006. This is sponsored by the local government, headed by Dr. Leo Guerrero.

C) In Baranggay Awaii, San Jacinto on March 28, 2006, together with PMS and PMWA officers and members.

D) Operation Tuli in San Fabian, Pangasinan on May 13, 2006, sponsored by the local government

E) in Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan on November 26, 2006, in cooperation also with PMS officers and members, sponsored by the Alumni of Daniel Maramba High School

F) in Lingayen, Pangasinan, held in the Lingayen District Hospital on February 15, 2007.

G) in Urdaneta, Pangasinan on March 11, 2006, under the request of Dr. Bok Bonifacio in celebration of the opening of the new BHF mall.

H) In Manaoag, Pangasinan on March 2006.

21.Monthly board meetings were conducted in PMS or in various places in Dagupan City. In order to scrimp or minimize expenses, I came up with one-drug-company-sponsor per month. The following were our sponsors during my 2-year term. I want to thank all of them:

Schering Plough

Pascual Lab


Metro Drug


22. The list of active, inactive, and those recommended for delisting was updated. The new list can be accessed in our website.

23. Our website (www. has been operational for two years now. All activities, past or future, can be viewed here. I have been regularly updating it. I assure you that even after my term I will continue to update it provided that you will send to me the needed materials.

My warmest congratulations to the new set of officers, under the leadership of Dr. Saturnino Posadas. With his exemplary performance in various fields, I'm sure the PAFP Pangasinan chapter is in good hands.

Outgoing President
PAFP Pangasinan Chapter